CSI Southport - 100kW Solar

CSi Club Southport has recently received a major renovation overhaul.
At the completion of this extension, the club engaged GFE Group with the goal to reduce their overall energy consumption.

A 100kW solar system was proposed, designed and installed by GFE Group engineers and installers and CSi now benefit from sun fueled energy.


CLIENT: CSI Southport
LOCATION: 154a Scarborough St, Southport QLD 4215
DATE: November 2017
CAPACITY: 100kW Solar System
PANEL: 382 x 260W Solar Panels
INVERTER: 27.6 kW inverters (x2) and 20.6 kW inverters (x2)
POWER GENERATION: MWh produced per year
CSI pic 1
CSI pic 2