Save 50% to 85% on Lighting Costs

LESS - Light Energy Saver System

If you have a conventional lighting set-up you could be wasting over 50% of all the energy it consumes!

Conventional lighting offers limited control of the energy it uses – in addition to excess cost this produces excess heat which damages your equipment.

It is also unable to respond to occupancy changes meaning lights are left on unnecessarily. In addition, conventional lighting cannot intelligently compensate for the presence of natural daylight resulting in over-illumination – this means light is produced whether you need it or not.

The solution is LESS – An intelligent Light Energy Saving System which uses a combination of cutting-edge control technology and state-of-the-art sensors.

A LESS lighting installation would typically look like this:

Occupancy Sensors

One of the biggest energy wasters is lights being left on when a room is not in use. Major Improvements in sensitivity and reliability have transformed the primitive ‘Motion Sensing’ approach into high comfort Occupancy Sensing. This means your lights automatically turn on when a room is occupied and off when its vacant – so you only have light when you actually need it.

Daylight Dimming Sensors & Ballasts

In most buildings the lights are on at full intensity all day even when there is plenty of daylight available. This not only wastes energy but causes unpleasant over-lighting. LESS employs ‘Daytronic’ ballasts and sensors which dynamically adjust your lighting to deliver a guaranteed illumination level at all times. The control is graduated so all you notice is an improved lighting environment and lower bills.

High-Efficiency Lamps

As part of a LESS installation we aim to replace any inefficient lamps. For example, conventional Emergency Exit Signs must be permanently lit resulting in high energy and maintenance costs (the lamps, ballasts and batteries require regular maintenance and replacement). Our LED Exit Signs eliminate 100% of the maintenance costs and reduce electricity costs by over 80%.

Benefits you could experience with LESS include:

  • Total Energy Savings of Over 50% Possible
  • Short Payback Times
  • Suitable For Retrofits or New Buildings
  • Quick & Simple Installation
  • Combine Savings & Comfort
  • Proven in Thousands of Installations
  • Stylish Design, Very Small, Elegant Integration
  • Developed and Manufactured to Highest Quality Standards

LED Lighting

If you use conventional Halogen Bulbs you could be wasting over 85% of the energy they use!

Conventional Halogen Bulbs are inefficient and have no real control on the energy they consume – around 85% of its consumption is wasted!

When you consider that approximately 30% of your energy usage is attributed to lighting, it highlights the amount of energy that you are potentially wasting.

In addition to this, when considering the true cost of a Halogen Bulb, you have to factor in the cost of regular replacements, labor expenses and time needed to change them. These are significant factors, especially when there are a large number of bulbs installed.

LED Halogen replacements can offer a solution that improves efficiency whilst saving costs! Simply fitted into existing sockets, the LED technology consumes 80% less energy than a conventional Halogen bulb, whilst lasting 25 times longer! In addition to this, with the LED replacements working at an improved 85% efficiency they give off very little heat, reducing the risk of injury or fire! Considering these factors and looking at the savings in monthly energy costs, additional bulb purchases and maintenance, it is clear that this is a more financially viable option over standard Halogen bulbs.

Benefits you could experience with LED Halogen Replacements:

  • Energy Savings of Over 85% Possible
  • Short Payback Times
  • Quick & Simple Installation
  • Save Cost & Hassle of Bulb Changing
  • Very High Light Output
  • Lead Free & RoHS compliant

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